domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

7 Things you should not do on facebook when in a relationship

7 Things you should not do on FACEBOOK when in a relationship:

1. Don't specify the person you're "in a relationship" with.

Everyone thinks it is better to post that your "in a relationship" on facebook, because either they think it would keep other people not interested , or just for the feeling of security that they're couples are not afraid to tell the world they're in a relationship. I think that couples should think this twice for several reasons. My maine reason for not doing this is because if you get caught in an on and off relationship everyone on your facebook will know when your broken up or back together all the time.

     2. Do not post your relationship problems as status.

Do not, i repeat, do not write personal stuff on your wall. This will make your couple angry and your gonna fight about it ALL the time.

     3. Do not make your profile picture a photo from you and a person from the opposite sex.

Even if it is your friend and nothing else dont do it. This will make your couple question your friendship with that person and he/she will start to argue with you about it.

     4. Do not over analyze everything your couple writes on his/her wall.

If your couple is one of the people that post a lot of song lyrics, poems or quotes dont start thinking that they're all for you. For example, if your couple writes: " Sometimes love knocks you down, just get back up when it knocks you down..." dont think that he/she is mad at you or wants to brake up with you, because probably he/she just likes the song.

     5.  If an ex partner leaves you a wall post consider erasing it from your profile.

If this happens it will obviously make your partner really uncomfortable and you should consider erasing either the comment or the person so that you dont have any problems with your couple.

     6.  Do not concentrate more on posting stuff on facebook and start building a stronger relationship on a daily basis.

Instead of always checking your facebook page, start going on more dates and spend more time with your couple. This will help you stop paying so much attention to it.

     7.  Dont have anything on your profile that makes your couple uncomfortable.

If your couple makes clear that he/she does not like something from your profile, consider removing it from your wall. Removing stuff from your wall will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your couple and avoid unwanted issues with him/her.